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(2nd in the Far East) at Colombo. Unwin, DSC and Bar, RN). Haggard, RN) departed from Alexandria for her 18th war patrol (8th in the Mediterranean). (All times are zone 0) 0910 hours - In position 7112'N, 2650'E sighted smoke to the North and moving West. 1790 May 13 (May 2 OS) Reval - Disastrous Swedish attack on Russian battlefleet at Reval (now Tallinn). 0126 hours - Fired 3 torpedoes from 2000 yards. Ordered, laid down, launched Commissioned, end service, history, sold to be broken up for scrap on 19 December 1945.

Gill, RNR) until 1930/31 when HMS Arab (Lt. Croswell, DSC, RN) departed from Malta with convoy GUS-52 for Gibraltar. 1655 hours - The target was now well ablaze, broke off the attack. Haggard, DSO, DSC, RN) attacked a small escorted merchant vessel in the Malacca Straits in position 0304'N, 10033'E. Went to 150 feet. This took quite a long time. She is to proceed to Alexandria and en-route make a patrol in the Gulf of Sirte and off Benghazi. (57) MS Truant (r.

During the afternoon A/S exercises were carried out with HMS Roebuck (Cdr. The other torpedo hit the stern of the second ship, which sank after only a few minutes. 0914 hours - Fired two torpedoes and obtained one hit. She was ordered to patrol in the Malacca Straits. Coope, RIN) off Colombo. Hopkins, RN) departed from Lerwick for Holy Loch.


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September 18 (September 7 OS) - Russians defeat Swedes in a small battle in Barösund near Inkoo in Finland. The enemy proceeded and did not answer. Presumed to be a torpedo hitting. All torpedoes are presumed to have missed ahead. (47) MS Truant (Lt.

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He also told that the survivors of the British merchant Haxby had also been on board. The explosion was observed abreast the bridge and the ship was seen to be sinking by the bow in position 4038'40"N, 1351'40"E. Later she is to patrol off Tripoli, Libya. 2325 hours - Surfaced to find no ships in sight. It is our pleasure to provide private tour guides for individual or all historical sites upond film porno français complet escort girl normandie request. Hutchinson, RN) ended her 5th war patrol at Rosyth. (2) MS Truant (r. Later 20th century edit 21st century edit 2001 - December 22 Battle of Amami-shima Japanese coast guard vessels sink an armed North Korean spy trawler. She is to patrol in the Skagerrak. A signal was made in plain English " Stop - do not radio ".

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All torpedoes missed their target despite the claim of one hit. Haggard, RN) departed from Rosyth for her 10th war patrol. Archived (PDF) from the original. According to Italian sources the convoy consisted of the German Virfinia., with Rumanian Balcic (3600 GRT, built 1940) and Bulgarian Balkan (3823 GRT, built 1914) escorted by Armed Merchant Cruiser Arborea. Haggard, DSO, DSC, RN) carries out exercises off Kilindini with HMS Catterick (Lt.

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(52) MS Truant (r. The coastal battery from Mola di Bari opened fire forcing the submarine to submerge. 1500 hours - Saw the escort bows on, range 1000 yards. She was escorted by HMS Warrior II (Capt.(Retd.).A. They were escorted by HMS Breda (Capt.(Retd.).E. He was informed that his cargo was contraband and that he was to proceed to Gibraltar for examination. 5 dock for a short refit. Meanwhile Truants battery power was getting rather low. Hopkins, RN) departed from Holy Loch bound for Lerwick.